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Establishment of provincial public service commission
The provincial public service commission was established on 12.10.1988. The constitution of public service commission include minimum 3 members with hon. Chairman and maximum 5. At the first time the commission was started with the representation of hon. Chairman and a member of Muslim society and a member of Tamil society. At the same time it can be appointed 5 members with hon. chairman for the present commission activities. Hon. Governor reserves the power to appoint the members for the commission. The membership period is 5 years and a member can be appointed for 2 times (10 years) only.

Name of the members from the start of the commission

Hon. Chairmen of commission
 Name  period
1. Mr.R.M.C.Rathnayake-------from 12.10.1988 to 01.06.1999
2. Mr.L.Warushamana---------from 02.06.1999 to 20.10.1999
3. Mr.D.B. Athauda-------------from 21.10.1999 to 20.04.2005
4. Mr.S.B.Beddewela-----------from 06.05.2005 to 05.05.2015
5. Mr. Gamini Dassanayaka---from 12.05.2015 to till now

Members of the commission:
1. Mr. S.H.M. Maharoof-------------------from 12.10.1988 to 12.10.2003
2. Mr. P.Sangarakumaran----------------from 12.10.1988 to 13.10.2003
3. Mr. Denister de Alwis------------------from 24.03.1995 to 27.01.1997
4. Mr. L.Warusamana--------------------from 24.03.1995 to 24.03.2000
5. Mr. O.C.Meegastenna------------------from 15.09.1997 to 15.09.2007
6. Mr. Upali Kirindigoda-------------------from 02.06.1999 to 01.06.2009
7. Mr. A.M.A.Gafoor----------------------from 14.11.2003 to 14.11.2013
8. Mr.T.V.Marimuththu-------------------from 17.11.2003 to 17.11.2013
9. Mr. U.A. Bogahapitiya-----------------from 17.09.2007 till now
10. Mr. D. Karunarathna------------------from 01.08.2009 to 16.02.2010
11. Mrs. P.P.S.A. Dissanayake-----------from 01.05.2010 to till now
12. Prof. V. Nandakumar-----------------from 18.11.2013 till now
13. Mr. A.J.M.M. Nisthar------------------from 15.11.2013 till now

The secretaries of the commission
1. Mr.W.M.Wijewardhna------------------from 01.06.1989 to 25.08.1994
2. Mr. A.B.Weerakoon--------------------from 01.09.1994 to 25.10.1995
3. Mr.M.B.Sirisoma------------------------from 01.11.1995 to 03.06.2002
4. Mr.M.B.Weerasena---------------------from 04.06.2002 to 04.09.2002
5. Mr.R.G.K Gunawardhana--------------from 17.09.2002 to 28.07.2004
6. Mr.Wijerathna Sakalasooriya---------from 19.08.2004 to 04.10.2006
7. Mrs.E.M.N.M.Ekanayake--------------from 18.10.2006 to 17.06.2013
8. Mrs.W.M.K.K.Karunarathna-----------from 19.06.2013 to 01.01.2014

9. Mrs.R.M.N.Ratnayake-----------------from 02.01.2014 to till now

No. 42 of 1987 of the section 32(II) hereby hon. Governor delegate the provincial public service commission of each province the powers of appointment, promotion, transfer, displinary control, and dismissal of public officer.
No 28 of 1990 as amended under sub section 2 the section 32 of the provincial council amendment.
"(2A) under the conditions of hon. governor and public service commission of each provinces the appointment, transfer, disciplinary control, dismissal of public service is empowered to chief secretary to the provincial public service and the officers."
Accordingly, Premachandra Imbulana Governor of central province, under the provincial council amendment act. No 28 of 1990 do hereby delegate and empower the provincial public service commission of the central province to delegate to the chief secretary of the central provincial council secretaries of the relevant provincial council and to the heads of the departments or provincial ministrative units of the central province provincial council it's power of the appointment, transfer, disciplinary control, and dismissal of public service.(1997.09.10) Mr.W.N.Wijewardana the secretary to the public service commission of central province campaigned above the matter.

The powers above mentioned were come to fore under the heads of the departments. Disciplinary control as section (3) clause (A) the power of disciplinary control, it was empowered to the public service commission; there is no power to take disciplinary action and disciplinary order. Mr.M.B.Sirisoma who was the secretary of the public service commission delegates the power to chief secretary of provincial council to take disciplinary action by hon. governor.

The duties of the commission

1. Formulation of recruitment schemes in cooperation with appointing authorities for all the posts existing in Central Provincial Public Service identifying temporal requirements, under the powers vested in terms of the 13th amendment to the constitution.
2. Recruitment of qualifiers to Central Provincial Public Service in accordance with approved and accepted recruitment policies.
3. Conduct recruitment, efficiency bar / departmental / confirmation in post and promotional examinations in due time, in accordance with the provisions in the approved service minute and schemes.
4. Maintain the establishment activities of officers where the appointing authority is the Central Provincial Public Service and updating data.
5. Provision of decisions by conducting inquiries for appeals of Provincial Public Service officers.